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Simple Start is just that - SIMPLE. We're a family of multi-generational loggers turned lumber mill operators turned firewood producers and we've mastered the perfect firestarter.

100% Natural

no wax or chemicals

It's all-natural and comes straight from the woods with absolutely no chemicals or additives of any kind. Why is this important? Besides the nature aspect, it's much gentler on your fireplace, sauna stove and more. 

for the lake

welcome to everywhere

Simple Start is perfect for your campfire, fireplace, grill, sauna, wood stove and more...simply grab a handful and light under your favorite firewood!

safe to move

locally minnesota

We are certified through the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and safe to move. It's high temp treated to eliminate not only moisture, but pests as well.

the ultimate starter

Be the fire starting hero.

We spent three years and went through about 11 prototypes before bringing what we believe to be the best kindling ever made to market.

We hope you love it as much as our family does. We've never started a fire easier and we bet after you try it, you'll agree.

All of our wood is harvested in Crow Wing, Cass or Aitkin County and then heat treated to state specifications. We then process it locally before it heads off for the perfect burn!