We were once loggers in the Grand Rapids and surrounding areas (1st and 2nd generation!) who pivoted to opening a sawmill. Customers loved our kiln treated “scraps” that we'd turned into firewood bundles, so we decided to pivot again and operate exclusively to bring the best firewood available to the market. Our distributors move our wood both locally (find us at most gas stations and some local grocery stores!) as well as nationally.

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at this time our firewood is wholesale by the pallet/truck only. stay tuned - we'll begin selling retail in may!


Minnesota Harvested

We’re local. Our owners and team make our homes with our families in the beautiful Brainerd Lakes Area. Our wood is locally sourced. Here’s to Minnesota Made!


Family Owned

John Jobe started in the forest industry back when axes were used to cut down trees (I kid!) and he is now joined by his sons who are continuing his legacy of a love for trees and adventure.


Heat Treated

Our kilns take the heat - literally - to bring you the ideal cuts of firewood. The temps are regularly checked and inspected to be sure quality is coming at you top notch!

Minnesota Made

And a Certified Firewood Producer in the State of Minnesota. MDA (Minnesota Department of Agriculture) Certified means that we meet the states rigorous inspection and testing process and successfully meet a minimum core temperature of at least 140 degrees for 60 minutes. 

All of our firewood is harvested in Crow Wing, Cass or Aitkin County and then heat treated to state specifications. We then process and wrap it locally before it heads off for the perfect burn!