aka, The jobe crew

we're aimee & preston

Together, with our little ones Forest and Ethan, we've built a cozy (but busy) life in Brainerd, MN. We're constantly on the go, towing our kiddos behind us to help drop off our rentals at a wedding, style a brand photoshoot, package up our kindling, clean our AirBnbs, or paint our next renovation.

You see, we're a family business and we mean it. We're always looking for ways to express our creativity, bring warmth to our friends, work some energy out with a saw, or capture a few memories with the camera. And we somehow get to do all this as a family.

It's not always easy. But don't worry, we're here to share that, too. This is a space where we'll share our ideas, blunders, big dreams and plans to give you a little behind the scenes on what it takes to run a business (or 5), while staying connected to your values, your family, and yourself. 

We’re a couple of home renovators, lifestyle brand ambassadors, and entrepreneurs. 

We believe in sustainability, family, hard work, and finding a way to go with the flow, which isn't always easy when you're juggling as much as we do. But, we've learned how to work together as a team, business partners, and most importantly, parents.

it all started with a house

our story

We lived "up north", but it was also our home and I wanted to be sure it reflected that in every corner.

We are so excited you're here for some of our favorite past projects as well as so many new ones.

2005 - to 2015 Aimee has Preston put up and take down multiple walls to create the perfectly designed rooms for their family - all with great light of course.

2010 Aimee officially starts her photography business.

2012 Aimee leases 1571 Northern Pacific Road and her and Preston renovate their first historic space ever - Aimee's photo studio!

2014 Aimee and Preston design, found and operate The NP Event Space located in the Blacksmith Shop at Northern Pacific Center.

2017 Aimee and Preston lease 1561 Northern Pacific Road and design, found, renovate and operate Luminary Fern - a beautifully fresh white space wedding venue after Aimee's own heart.

2017 Aimee founds Farmhouse Foundry - a custom curated furniture rental collection with both uniquely sourced inventory and items built by Preston and her dad. Aimee also leases the Powerplant and Preston gets it all cleaned up for her and their new business!

2020 Aimee parts ways (and enters a legal dispute) with the new owners of Northern Pacific Center after they continue to make changes that do not match the standards she was accustomed to providing her clients.

2022 Aimee is diagnosed with cancer and endures almost six months of every third week inpatient chemotherapy...not a great year!

2023 We're here, happy and ready to move forward with new projects!

Even back then I wanted us to live in a space that was not only inspiring, but thoughtfully designed and a little against the grain, too.

Many think our renovation days started with my photography studio turned bridal suite at NPC, but the truth is we were renovating for years before that and just not really thinking much of it!

Preston built our first home in 2005 and before we sold it about ten years later we took down and put up many walls, changed the paint colors multiple times, replaced the flooring here and there, added an oversized outdoor deck with hot tub and spa area and more.

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